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The little creature deserves the best conditions for development and sleep comfort in its new environment. Mattresses for the cot from our offer will provide them. Check our mattresses and choose a mattress in the perfect model and size for your child's cot.

Our foam mattresses are distinguished by uncompromising quality, which is guaranteed by the best materials and advanced production technologies. You will find flexible, hard enough polyurethane foam mattresses, TIGER Touch or memory. They provide adequate support for the delicate spine of the child and its highest comfort during sleep. Even healthier sleep is guaranteed by hygienic, anti-allergic, cotton-polyester covers. They are easy to remove from the mattress and are machine washable, making it easier to keep them fresh.

Our baby mattresses meet all safety requirements and have appropriate approvals. They are extremely comfortable and adapt to the child's shape and movements. We offer airy models with ventilation holes and mattresses that transport moisture away and prevent excessive sweating. By choosing them, you give your child tenderness, comfort, and safety, and teach them healthy sleep from the first moments of life.

The quality of mattresses is the result of the best materials and production technology

Our mattresses are made of tested, the highest quality plastics and natural materials. Thanks to the use of appropriate fibers and production technology, they provide a number of benefits to children and their parents.

Polyurethane foam, as well as coconut and flax-hemp mats, are essential for the quality of mattresses. They guarantee a perfect adaptation of the hardness and elasticity of the substrate to the child's current development needs.

One of the important amenities of mattresses is also the ventilation holes. They allow the skin to breathe freely and prevent sweating. In this respect, covers that remove excess moisture also play an important role. Additional protection against overheating of the toddler is provided by TIGER Touch foam, which effectively absorbs excess heat.

The high quality of our mattresses guarantees comfort and the best protection of the child during sleep.

A foam mattress for health and safety

For a baby to grow up healthy, parents must ensure his healthy sleep. It is provided by mattresses made of safe, anti-allergic materials and foams. Our mattresses are recommended by doctors and have certificates based on favorable results of clinical tests. They support the toddler's skeletal system, thanks to which his spine can develop properly. You can also easily clean them and minimize the number of mites because you can wash them many times in the washing machine.

An important advantage of our offer is the fact that you can order our products in a dimension precisely tailored to even the non-standard size of the cot. Thus, you will protect the space between the mattress and the cot, protecting your child's arms and legs from injury. Such comprehensive protection of your child's health and safety will only be provided by the highest quality, perfectly matched mattress.

Sleep comfort of the child on the best mattress

The child's well-being in the first months and years of life translates into its further functioning. It is worth investing in a comfortable mattress and provide the child with as much comfort in his new environment as possible. This comfort includes proper ventilation and an adequate degree of mattress softness and flexibility. It is also important for your child to dream on a pleasant and soft surface. This benefit is provided by soft covers and cotton finishes on our mattresses.

Choose a safe and comfortable mattress for your child's cot

Give your toddler maximum care for his safety, health, and comfort. Mattresses from our offer are a real luxury for his developing senses. A comfortable, padded cot bed will become a great environment for healthy development during sleep. Check our offer and order a mattress that will provide your child with ideal conditions for healthy sleep.