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Provide your child with the best protection against bacteria and mites during sleep. The linen-hemp mattress from our offer is the perfect base for a child's sleep both in the cot and in the stroller nacelle. Check our products and choose an antibacterial mattress with a natural insert to ensure your child's healthy development during sleep.

The antibacterial mattress and its biocidal effect increase the safety of the little sleepyhead and prevent the development of allergies.

What's more, linen-hemp mattresses have air-conditioning properties. Therefore, they help maintain an appropriate body temperature depending on the season of the year. The health-promoting effect of the mattress is additionally increased by its elasticity, ventilation and anti-inflammatory effects of aloe.

What properties does the linen-hemp mat used in our mattresses have?

Our mattresses use the unique health benefits of linen and hemp mat, which increases sleep comfort and safety. Natural materials with strong antibacterial properties effectively prevent the growth of bacteria on and in the mattress. Therefore, the linen mattress also prevents the occurrence of allergies and other ailments resulting from contact with microorganisms. By using it, you get the best protection for your child while sleeping and playing in the cot.

Hygroscopic properties and proper ventilation of the mat are important. The breathable, moisture-absorbing hemp-linen mattress provides the perfect basis for complete sleep comfort. This comfort is also increased by gentle regulation of body temperature, which is provided by an air-conditioning hemp insert.

Enhanced antibacterial effect

In addition to the composition rich in flax and hemp, protection against bacteria provides many other properties of our mattresses. The resilient aero 3D mat shows strong resistance to fungi and light. TENCEL technology that regulates moisture absorption and release also prevent bacterial growth. Also, the SANITIZED technology of our mattress covers significantly reduces the number of bacteria, fungi, and mites on the mattress. Protection against bacteria is also strengthened by the fact that the removable mattress cover can be washed several times in the washing machine.

What other advantages do hemp and linen mattresses have?

Mattresses from our offer are not only effective protection against bacteria and mites. It is also the maximum sleep comfort and safety of your child. Each of the two layers of mattresses allows you to choose the right hardness for your child's age. Appropriate, safe level of hardness is confirmed by tests of the Institute of Mother and Child. In addition, the elasticity of the mat allows comfortable and healthy body positioning of the baby on the ground. All this promotes the proper development of his muscular and skeletal system. It is also worth adding that the pleasant to the touch cover with aloe vera extract soothes the child and has anti-inflammatory properties, ensuring the highest quality of sleep.

Order an anti-bacterial linen-hemp mattress and give your child a safe, soothing sleep

Do you want to give your child the best protection against bacteria and mites while sleeping? Order a linen-hemp mattress with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects. Such a mattress will help create a perfect environment for the healthy development of your child during sleep. Check our offer and order a hemp mattress that will guarantee maximum safety and comfort for your baby.