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Memory foam cushions (viscoelastic) are also called memory cushions or lazy foam cushions. These names come from the plastic properties of the pillow material, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the head. See for yourself how much the quality of your memory foam sleep can increase. Check which pillow models are available in our offer.

After the pressure of the warm body has subsided, the pillow slowly returns to its original shape. Thanks to their flexibility and elasticity, memory cushions are extremely comfortable and safe for health. They support the cervical spine in its natural position and prevent excessive pressure on the shoulders and head. Their compact structure also prevents the growth of microorganisms and makes these pillows more hygienic than their traditional counterparts.

A wide range of products allows you to choose the perfect pillow for both the child and the adult. You can use them for preventive purposes or supporting the treatment of spinal diseases, and take them on every trip.

How does a memory foam pillow work?

Pillows with thermoelastic memory foam increase the comfort of sleep and reduce the discomfort of the cervical spine. They are made of dense and elastic polyurethane foam, which deforms under the influence of weight and heat.

Thanks to these properties, these pillows perfectly adapt to the shape and position of the body of the person using them. This means reduced pressure on sensitive parts of the head and blood vessels, which increases the sense of comfort and improves circulation. In addition, the spine obtains comfortable, anatomical support that reduces pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Memory foam pillows from our store are available in a double-sided version. Each side is made of foam with a different hardness, which allows you to get maximum comfort depending on the user's preferences. This is also important when changing the seasons. A harder, less heat-sensitive foam will prevent the body from sinking into the pillow on hot nights.

What other benefits does a memory pillow have?

Lazy foam pillows have a number of other advantages. Their material is elastic and dense, which translates into enormous sleep comfort and long pillow life. This foam structure also effectively prevents the development of fungi, bacteria, and mites inside. Therefore, this type of pillow is often recommended for allergy sufferers. To further increase hygiene when using the pillow, the cover attached to it can be washed and ironed many times.

An important advantage of the product is also its removable center. It allows you to freely adjust the thickness of the pillow and adapt it to the width of the user's shoulders. The foam also absorbs vibrations, thanks to which the slight shaking of the bed does not wake you up so easily. It is worth adding that by choosing a memory foam pillow you can sleep on it in any position. The shape that adapts to the body allows for a comfortable sleep on the side, on the back and even on the stomach.

A variety of lazy foam pillows

Various variants of memory cushions are available in our store. Depending on the size of the head and the width of the shoulder girdle, you can choose a pillow from S to XL. In addition to the wide range of sizes, you can also choose from different types. Classic pillows, compact pillows and separate pillow models for adults and children are available. They differ in shape and fit the spine structure of younger and older users. Pillow covers also come in a variety of colors, from neutral to bright and patterned. You can also choose a pillow with a decorative frill.

Choose elastic memory foam cushions for maximum comfort and spine health

The thick, springy, suitably hard foam used in pillows provide an increased sense of comfort during sleep. When you wake up, your neck and back muscles are clearly relaxed and you feel much more rested. Equally important is the health of your spine, which the pillow takes care of for several hours each day. Check out our offer and choose a pillow where you can sleep better than ever and wake up really relaxed.