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Bath gloves

A soft and absorbent bathing glove can help us make your washing time more pleasant. Children like colorful and interesting objects - they catch their attention. It is worth remembering to use such items to change the stressful experience of every baby into a joyful, pleasant and comfortable event. Joyful colors and interesting prints are something that will definitely bring joy to your toddler and help turn the bath into pleasant fun combined with the daily routine activity of bathing.

Bath gloves for all ages

During bathing, it is worth focusing on keeping our toddler safe. For this purpose, you can use special bathtub inserts that will make your child feel comfortable. When we comfortably place our little one in the paddling pool or bathtub, it is time for thorough cleaning. To make the operation more accurate and easier, you can use the gloves we offer. They do not require additional support - you can put them on your hand and wash the child - while supporting them.

The material from which these practical items are made is delicate terry combined with other materials for massage and care of the baby's skin. Gloves can be machine washed and effectively eliminate the risk of germs that may be harmful to our toddler. It is worth taking care of their hygiene, taking into account that they are items used in humid, bathroom conditions.

Massage gloves for children and adults

Bath products from our store can be used to wash children of all ages. Gloves are also products that can replace adult bath washers. The products allow you to thoroughly wash your child's body and prepare it for further care and good sleep. Soft terry and other materials allow effective and very comfortable exfoliation of the epidermis in a comfortable way.

The products are made of various materials that are designed to cleanse and smooth the skin. A bath glove combined with a pleasant body lotion will create a nice and fragrant foam that envelops our child's body. Interesting color, fun shape and imprint on the product and the presence of a guardian will make the bath a real pleasure for the toddler, and not just a daily routine.

How to care for items for washing children?

It is worth replacing our washers, sponges, and gloves when we see that they are heavily worn. Their price is not excessive, and the child's comfort and hygiene are a priority. It is also worth washing the washers and gloves every few days to remove bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that can grow on them in wet, bathroom conditions. After each bath, try to dry the sponge or glove and store it in dry conditions. Such actions will make the accessories useful for longer and maintain proper hygiene. Choose a practical glove to clean your kid today. Our products can also be used by adults. Welcome!