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A spring mattress for a child with a removable coconut mat

Double-sided bonell mattress - coconut is a perfect combination of modernity and nature. A high-quality Bonell insert, polyurethane foam and a coconut mat create a mattress with two hardnesses so that your child can enjoy a healthy and restful sleep.

Polish product!

Dimensions: 120 cm x 60 cm x 15 cm

Vapour permeable membrane

• Double-sided Bonell mattress with latex-free coconut mat.

• Mat made of natural coconut fibers with a walnut shell. Untreated has hypoallergenic properties. Coconut inhibits the development of fungi and molds and supports and regulates the natural airflow inside the mattress.

• Certified polyurethane foam with higher density: 25 - 30 kg / m³ allows for proper positioning of the child's body during sleep and supports his physical activity ensuring his comfort and convenience.

• The Bonell insert with protective foam and felt insert is durable and creates good conditions for sleep and rest.

• Mattress is available in size 120 x 60 cm, thickness 15 cm.


• made of high quality quilted, soft and elastic knitted fabrics with a top finish of pleasant to touch cotton

• fluffy quilting due to the additional use of a non-woven layer,

• it can be washed repeatedly at 60 ° C without fear of excessive shrinkage,

• zipper separating the cover into two parts, which makes it easy to remove,

• all fabrics are certified "Oeko-Tex® Standard 100".

Knitted cover available:

Polyester/cotton fabric finished with ALOE-VERA:

The Aloe Vera fabric was created thanks to the combination of high quality, pleasant to the touch, cotton mattress fabric and Aloe Vera lift (in the form of finishing). Aloe Vera is a special type of lily known for centuries that has soothing properties. Is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties and a great means of regulating and maintaining the proper pH of the skin.

You can choose Aloe Vera in green or with a "lamb" jacquard pattern.

Polyester/cotton fabric finished with SANITIZED® (TEOMED):

TEOMED fabric has been finished with a top layer of pleasant to the touch cotton. SANITIZED® finish has properties that limit the development of bacteria, mites and fungi. Neutralizes unpleasant odors. It is durable and does not lose its properties even after repeated washing at 60 ° C.

MILKA or AFRICA polyester/cotton knitwear:

Quilted fabric without finishing with a top finish of pleasant to the touch cotton with jacquard pattern "Milka" or "Africa".

You can also choose a cover with a vapor-permeable membrane sewn into one part of the cover from the inside. The membrane protects the mattress insert, which does not require the use of an additional mattress topper. It is waterproof, vapor permeable and hygienic. The cover with the membrane can be washed without any worries at 60 ° C.

Data sheet

Kokosowa igłowana
14 cm
Pokrowiec Dwuczęściowy
Materac przyjazny alergikom

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