Review for "Classic Varius Pillow Size XL"

Classic Varius Pillow Size XL

High memory foam orthopedic pillow, with an indication for sleeping in a position on the side and on the back. Recommended for people with broad shoulders. Size L: 50 x 40, height: 14.5 / 12.5 cm. Ergonomic: helps to maintain the neutral position of the cervical spine (cervical lordosis) during sleep, relieves muscles and cervical vertebrae. Memory foam means that the pillow immediately adapts to the shape and weight of the body. Double-sided: pillow made of memory foams with two different densities (hardness). Adjustable height: a removable center allows you to adjust the height of the pillow. Wavy surface: the pillow adapts better to the shape of the head, and is also better ventilated. Hygienic, removable cover. The materials used in the pillow have the OEKO - TEX® STANDARD 100 Certificate. Allergy friendly. 5 years warranty. Medical product Polish product Express Shipping


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Maż jest bardzo zadowolony z poduszki.Ma problemy z kręgosłupem szyjnym,w związku z tym drętwiały mu ręce w trakcie snu.Dzięki spaniu na poduszce dolegliwości ustąpiły,lepiej się wysypia.Gorąco polecamy.