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Reversible mattress with breathable 3D mesh for children

Modernity at your fingertips! The highest quality!

The flexible and at the same time elastic structure of the spatially woven 3D mesh on the side up to the first year in combination with a properly selected rigid foam create a double-sided mattress providing the greatest ventilation of the child's body.

  • The positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child
  • PZH Health Quality Certificate
  • The materials used in the mattress have the OEKO - TEX® STANDARD 100 Certificate.
  • Allergy-friendly mattress

Medical product!

Polish product!

Dimensions: 120 cm x 60 cm / 140 x 70 cm. Height: 10 cm.

Vapour permeable membrane


  • Mattress from the Premium line with a knitted mat with a 3D mesh structure.
  • 3D mesh is a modern material, produced on the principle of knitting. The mat is made of elastic material and also provides the best ventilation. Used as the top layer of the mattress, it allows air to circulate freely while allowing a constant supply of air to the child's body and moisture from the mattress. It is durable and resistant to light and fungi.
  • Certified polyurethane foam with higher density: 25 - 30 kg / m³ perfectly reduces pressure, providing the child with optimal development conditions.
  • Mattress's hardness suited to the child's body. Consulted with the Mother and Child Institute and confirmed by its positive opinion.
  • Free air circulation, which allows a constant supply of air to the child's body and the outflow of moisture from the mattress - 75% of the mattress surface under the mat is ventilated by a channel system.
  • The mattress insert is equipped with an internal cover made of polypropylene (PP) nonwoven.
  • It is also possible to make a mattress in a non-standard size.


Removable, quilted cover with side ventilation made of high-quality mattress knitwear.

  • made of high quality quilted, soft and elastic knitwear with a top finish of pleasant to touch cotton,
  • fluffy quilting due to the additional use of a non-woven layer,
  • it can be washed many times at 60 ° C without fear of excessive shrinkage,
  • zipper separating the cover into two parts, which makes it easy to remove,
  • ventilation polyester knit with a 3D mesh structure sewn into the side of the cover,
  • all fabrics are certified "Oeko-Tex® Standard 100".

Knitted cover available:


Aloe Vera cotton - polyester fabric was created thanks to the combination of high quality, pleasant to the touch, cotton mattress fabric and ALOE VERA extract (in the form of finishing). Aloe Vera is a special type of lily known for centuries that has soothing properties. It is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties and a great means of regulating and maintaining the proper pH of the skin.


TEOMED cotton and the polyester knit fabric has been finished with a top layer of pleasant to touch cotton. SANITIZED® finish has properties that limit the development of bacteria, mites, and fungi. Neutralizes unpleasant odors. It is durable and does not lose its properties even after repeated washing.


The TENCEL cover was made of cellulose fibers, has great moisture absorption and release properties, which is crucial in terms of hygiene and bacterial growth. TENCEL fibers have the most smooth structure, making it the best choice for children and people with delicate skin.


Quilted fabric without finishing with a top finish of pleasant to the touch cotton with the jacquard pattern "Milka" or "Africa".


You can also choose a cover with a vapor-permeable membrane sewn into one part of the cover from the inside. The membrane protects the mattress insert, which does not require the use of an additional mattress topper. It is waterproof, vapor permeable and hygienic. The cover with the sewn-in membrane can be washed without fear at 60 ° C.


Under normal conditions of use, the mattress is intended for use in:

  • prevention and prevention of posture defects,
  • preventing spinal overloads associated with the forced position of the body while sleeping in children,
  • musculoskeletal dysfunction in diseases of the neuromuscular system in children (e.g. cerebral palsy, widespread palsy, delivery of the brachial plexus),
  • supportive in preventing sleep disorders.

The mattress can also be used for early prevention in children at low risk of developing pressure sores.

How to order a custom size?

If the mattress is to be smaller than the standard size 120 x 60 cm, it is enough to place an order for the size 120 x 60 cm and indicate a non-standard size in the notes to the order, e.g. 110 x 50 cm.

If the mattress is to be larger than 120 x 60 cm, but smaller than 140 x 70 cm, an order for 140 x 70 cm should be placed, and then indicate a non-standard size in the notes to the order, e.g. 135 x 65 cm.

Do you know that …

  • during the first months of life does the child spend about 18 hours a day in a cot?
  • development and growth of the child mainly occur during sleep?

Data sheet

linia materacy
Pianka 25kg/m3
Aero 3D
10 cm
Pokrowiec Dwuczęściowy
Wyrób Medyczny
Materac przyjazny alergikom

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Wspaniały materac dla niemowlaka

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
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Wybór materaca niemowlęcego to nie lada wyzwanie, przed którym stanęłam prawie 3 lata temu. Zdecydowałam się na zakup modelu Premium Baby Aero 3d ze względu na jego antyalergiczny skład, pozytywną opinię IMiD, konkurencyjną cenę oraz zaufanie do polskich, rodzimych producentów.
Materac wykonany jest bardzo solidnie, Synek od pierwszych dni spędzał na nim wiele godzin i co mogę stwierdzić z perspektywy czasu, wyszło to jego kręgosłupowi na zdrowie :) Mogę jeszcze dodać, iż po tych dwóch i pół roku użytkowania materac nie posiada żadnych odkształceń, wgnieceń itp. Z czystym sumieniem polecam ten produkt.

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