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Classic Varius Pillow Size L

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A symmetrically profiled pillow made of two different kinds of memory foam with different properties. Removable inside enables to adjust the pillow height to make it match your needs better.

Size L: 50 cm x 40 cm x 12,5 cm.

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  • Symmetrically profiled pillow is made of two kinds of visco memory foam with different properties.
  • A combination of two layers of visco foams to form a soft side and a firmer side.
  • Removable inside enables to adjust the pillow height to make it match your needs better.
  • Corrugated surface of the pillow enables free flow of the air and creates an additional resilient zone which considerably increases the contouring of the pillow to the shape of the body.

  • Available in two sizes: size L (50 x 40 x 12.5 cm) (19x15x5 inches) adjusted to standard pillowcases 50 x 60 cm (19x23 inches), and size M (40 x 30 x 12 cm) (15x12x5 inches) for people preferring smaller sizes of pillows.

  • Medical product!

Data sheet

Linia poduszek
o klasycznym kształcie
wyprofilowana pod szyję
dwustronna o różnych twardościach
Sylwetka użytkownika
Preferencja pozycji
Do poszewek 50x60

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