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Classic Varius Pillow Kids + cotton pillowcase with frill

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The best pillow size for children and adolescents and people sleeping on their backs (or stomach).

* symmetrically profiled,

* double-sided: with the possibility of choosing the right hardness,

* removable center for height adjustment,

* wavy surface,

* cotton pillowcase,

* adapted for children over 3 years of age!

Medical product!

Polish product!

Size: 50 x 35 x 9 cm


Double-sided, symmetrically profiled pillow made of two types of thermoelastic foam with memory with different properties.

Arrangement of two layers of visco foam creates a soft side and a harder side.

The removable center allows you to adjust the height of the pillow to better suit your needs.

The wavy surface of the pillow allows free airflow and creates an additional, flexible zone that significantly increases the fit of the pillow to your body shape.

It provides the highest level of comfort by supporting the head and neck in every position taken during sleep.

Suitable for children over 3 years of age and youth.


Removable, equipped with a zipper.

Easy to clean.

Made of polyester/cotton fabric finished with Aloe Vera, created by combining high quality, pleasant to the touch, cotton mattress knitwear and Aloe Vera extract (in the form of finishing). Aloe Vera is a special type of lily known for centuries that has soothing properties. It is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties and a great means of regulating and maintaining the proper pH of the skin.

An additional pillowcase made entirely of cotton.

  • Finished with a decorative frill. The back of the pillowcase is uniform, white, with an overlap. The pillowcase fits 50 x 60 cm pillows.
  • It is pleasant to the touch, pleasant to the skin and easy to use.
  • Perfectly suited for people with sensitive skin, allergy sufferers and young children.

Both covers can be washed repeatedly at 60 ° C without fear of excessive shrinkage.
"Oeko-Tex® Standard 100" certified knitwear.


Under normal conditions of use, the pillow is intended for use in:

  • prevention and prevention of spinal defects, especially of the cervical spine,
  • instability of the cervical spine,
  • post-traumatic conditions of the neck,
  • other neck conditions as per medical indications.

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Linia poduszek
o klasycznym kształcie
wyprofilowana pod szyję
dwustronna o różnych twardościach
Sylwetka użytkownika
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Do poszewek 50x60

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