Travel pillows - Johnny Adventure

Travel pillows - Johnny Adventure


The JOHNNY ADVENTURE Kids pillow has been created for children who spend time actively and travel frequently. It is a pillow of the "Jasiek" type. It is ideal as a pillow for everyday use, sleeping and resting.
Travel pillows - Johnny Adventure


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JOHNNY ADVENTURE is a travel pillow designed for active people and frequent travellers. It will ensure comfort while travelling by car, train or plane. It is also perfect for hiking and trekking. Thanks to the memory foam, it fits perfectly to the neck and reduces neck discomfort. It takes up little space in your rucksack and allows you to rest while...

When traveling, it is often necessary to assume the same, stationary sitting position for a long time. It is good to support the neck, head or lumbar region of the spine in order to avoid getting injuries or pains. The ideal way to do this is to have a travel pillow. Similarly, if we sleep outside the home, we rarely have the option of using a mattress with adequate hardness and a perfectly selected pillow. For this reason, it is worth having travel cushions that guarantee wide functionality and comfort of use, as well as convenience in transport.

Pillows for travelers should stand out not only by the comfort of use and wide functionality, but also by their small dimensions, or the possibility of folding them for transport. The products are made of thermoelastic foam with various degrees of hardness. Thanks to this, their most plastic contribution is made under the influence of temperature. They have so-called "Memory" so that they better fit the shape of our body and provide the expected comfort. Travel cushions allow you to support your neck and head while napping while sitting, while not restricting movement. Thanks to the shape of a round cuboid, shaped in an ergonomic way, it has the ability to roll up and, depending on the model, can be ideal support during lying down, as well as while sitting for the lumbar spine.

Choosing travel pillows, it is worth choosing them according to your needs. The Johnny Adventure brand offers three versions of pillows. Basic with memory foam filling with varying degrees of hardness on both sides, allows you to adapt it to current needs or temperature conditions. Removable cover allows for proper hygiene and selected aesthetics. The harder PRO version of the travel pillow, with a higher density of the foam, provides a compact solution for the more demanding, while the KIDS series provides colorful cushion covers made of minky material. In addition, all models are available in many colors.

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