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Choose a comfortable and stylish cot for your child and give him joy from a beautifully decorated room. With our cots, your toddler's corner will be comfortable and cozy. The child's safety and comfort are the priority of our furniture manufacturers. All products are made of high-quality materials that look aesthetically pleasing and allow your child to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

Wooden cots for smaller and larger children!

Our offer includes cots for both infants and slightly older children. The beds are made of high-quality wood, which is safe and pleasant to touch. Individual models have removable rungs that can be freely installed. This allows you to adjust the appearance and provides the child with safety during sleep and play. The beds are equipped with comfortable and soft mattresses that allow for comfortable sleep and rest. Some of the available models are equipped with practical containers that will functionally fit both beddings as well as toys, clothes and pajamas or diapers. The offer also includes cradles for toddlers, allowing the baby to fall asleep effectively and feel comfortable. White and impressive furniture is a classic that will perfectly equip and enrich the baby's room.

Children's beds with drawers

We also offer cots for slightly older children who have the appearance of beautiful and elegant couches. Models of mini couches with drawers are available in many colors such as blue, green and charming pink for little princesses. The more subdued version is a classic gray additionally decorated with effective quilting. The beds have tasteful and comfortable pillows that will allow for comfortable rest and an effective and cozy look. Additional drawers can accommodate blankets, bedding and other items such as pajamas or toys. Cots are available in many sizes and will allow for the comfortable rest of a child of different height.

What distinguishes our beds?

The products were created to combine a comfortable rest and sleep of the child with an aesthetic and stylish look. The beds are made of high-quality materials that are durable and practical. The models are equipped with functional accessories that allow you to store the necessary items at hand. Built-in safeguards protect the toddler from leaving the cot himself, thus ensuring the child's safety and parent's comfort. All offered furniture is the result of observing the needs of both children and their carers.

A characteristic feature of the furniture offered is high attention to detail and meticulous workmanship. The materials used for production are pleasant to touch and very aesthetic. Cots can be used in both girls 'and boys' rooms. They have classic shapes that are easy to place in the room. The white of the wood makes the furniture refresh the look of the entire interior and gives it a childish and elegant look. Cots are a combination of classics and the latest fashion trends