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Mata Koło

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Suchy basen w kulkami

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Prince Armchair

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Small WELOUR Pillow

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Jester Armchair

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Art Deco Armchair

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Pop Art Armchair

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Armchairl Prius

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Baby furniture

Welcome to the land of beautiful and comfortable children's furniture that will create an unforgettable atmosphere in our toddler's room and other rooms where the child is staying. Wonderful armchairs, mattresses, dry pools with balls and other fancy products are something that will bring a smile to each child's face and make his room become a real children's kingdom. Comfortable and fashionable furniture will serve every toddler for a long time and make his room a kind of refuge and a comfortable place to play, learn and relax.

Choose your dream children's room furniture today!

Browse our offer consisting of a wide range of comfortable furniture that is ideal for children's entertainment and peaceful rest. With us, you will make your child happy and give unforgettable moments in a cozy and aesthetic room. Children love cozy furniture, soft materials, and comfort in their little kingdom!

What furniture for the children's room do we have on offer?

Children's sponge furniture that does not contain any hard parts and is completely adapted for use by children. They can be used as a piece of furniture for relaxation and as a play item. The furniture has comfortable covers that can be easily removed and washed. This is a great option for all parents who want to give a toddler something that will make his room a comfortable and aesthetic place that he will associate with security.

Dry pools with balls, made of a safe and comfortable sponge that is perfect for fun and rehabilitation. Pools with balls are ideal entertainment for both little babies and larger children. The products are extremely soft and safe. They will certainly give children many moments of great fun and relaxation in the comfort of their own home. The offer also includes separate sets of balls that will further enrich the pool and make the fun fantastic!

Fold-out duo armchairs, which before folding out are the perfect seat for a toddler, and after unfolding become comfortable couches with cushions, which are the perfect bed for both the youngest and adults! Such furniture is perfect to take them to a picnic or put in the summer garden or on the balcony!

Mini sofas that amazingly reflect the appearance of adult furniture, but are tailored to the needs of the youngest. The offer also includes sets of small armchairs and sofas that will create a climate in the toddler's room reminiscent of a fashionable, miniature living room.

Fancy pillows that will beautify any mini sofa, children's bed or armchair. The products have fairy-tale shapes and saturated colors, introducing joy, mood to play and a happy and comfortable rest. The offer includes flower-shaped pillows, hearts, geometrical figures and classic models made of interesting materials.

Playmats, which are a comfortable basis for arranging blocks, playing with dolls, mascots, and games. Offered models have fancy shapes such as butterflies and classic versions in subdued colors and timeless shapes.

Enjoy your shopping!