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Baby bath

Bath and care

This category includes a wide range of accessories for the care and bathing of children and babies. The products were created to provide children with comfort during the important activity of bathing. These are elements that cannot be missing from any toddler's layette. Soft and colorful accessories will envelop the baby's body and make bathing a real pleasure. Choose our accessories today and give your child real joy while in the bathtub as well as in the large bathtub. Check out our range!

Bath accessories for children in fairy-tale colors and shapes!

In our offer, you will find bath washers like from a tale. In a nice and pleasant way, they will allow you to bathe your toddler and give him joy while washing. We provide you with a wide range of these soft and colorful accessories so that every moment spent with your child would be for you and for its pleasure.

It is important to use enveloping and pleasant materials during bathing that will make the little baby get used to regular washing. Although the beginnings of bathing can be difficult - our accessories will facilitate this activity and will help us accustom our child to regular washing, which is often a big enigma and a strange experience for him.

What bath accessories do we offer?

We offer a wide range of washers in fancy shapes that will wake up joy in your child. Colorful materials will bring a smile to a small face and will be an excellent opportunity to deepen the relationship between the parent and small child. You will find among others:

Colorful body washers in interesting shapes and colors that have the form of sachets, round sponges, animal-shaped sponges, practical washing gloves, double-sided sponges, sponges made of many raw materials, rainbow rabbits and accessories also suitable for other household members a little older.

Bathtub liners, made of soft and cozy sponges that allow you to feel comfortable in the bathtub and large bathtub. The materials used to make these accessories are high-quality sponges equipped with other accessories such as washers in fairy-tale and children's shapes. The products have an ergonomic shape and will make every baby feel comfortable and soft during each washing.

Terry gloves that can be worn on the hand and a comfortable and quick way to wash our children. The products are made of a soft sponge, and some models are additionally covered with a different type of laminated foam. The products have children's colors and nice prints. Washing a child with the help of such accessories is a real pleasure for both the child and the parent.

Why use special accessories for bathing young children?

The offered item will facilitate the bathing of infants and children and will make a small cleaner feel much better. Such accessories can be used from the first months of life and are safe. Sponges will also work when the child grows up a bit and washing will require more effort.

We invite you to shop and wish you wonderful moments spent with your child while taking a bath!