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Mata Koło

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Flower Mat

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Children's mats and baby mats are products that should be known to virtually every parent and his child. Thanks to the soft mat, the little one is insulated from the hard floor and its cold. Playing the child on the mat in such conditions provides him with adequate comfort, while the parent in peace for the safety of their child. Mats for children can be used for a long time - from birth, already for babies, and at a later stage also in older children.

Babies, thanks to a good quality mat, have a separate zone in which they can calmly observe the surroundings and play with their rustling and rattling toys. What are the specific types of toys - it is already a decision that belongs to the parent. The generally accepted rule is that small children, especially babies, need color stimulation - so it's a good idea to match the mat in contrasting colors. Slightly older children will be happy to spend time on the mat in the company of their favorite toys. Thanks to this, they will satisfy the need to improve the sense of touch. Children's floor mats are great as a soft seat when playing with blocks or watching a fairy tale.

We offer a wide selection of patterns and types of mats. The shapes of geometric figures and animals will arouse the curiosity of the child. Each of the mats can also be selected in terms of colors and sizes. Some models can be folded in half, so they will not take up too much space during storage. All mats will meet the high expectations of parents who care about the child's safety during free play. They are made of certified materials and meet all human-ecological standards (including the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate). They do not have any harmful and toxic materials. In addition, they are resistant to dirt and abrasion.

Babysitting mats can also be a great gift idea for newly baked parents. When choosing the right mat, you should be primarily guided by its size. Smaller size mats will be better for babies, larger children will definitely enjoy a large animal-shaped mat. Mats for children encourage the youngest to spend time on their tummy, thanks to which the proper development of toddlers' bodies is ensured; additionally, neck and back muscles are strengthened.