Junior mattresses for babies (2 - 9 years)

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Healthy child development requires appropriate support. It will be provided by a mattress that supports the flexible spine and the child's muscles during sleep. Check our offer. Choose a mattress for the child that will allow your little one to grow healthy and his parents sleep peacefully.

The mattress model should have been adapted to the child's age and stage of development. In addition, it is important that every child has their own mattress, not the product inherited from their older siblings. To provide your child with maximum comfort and development support, we recommend choosing a new, high-quality mattress from our offer.

At BadumShop.com you will find the highest quality products for children over two years old. A double-layer polyurethane or highly flexible foam mattress will optimally adapt to the shape and weight of the child. It will support its skeletal system and evenly distribute body pressure over its entire surface. Thanks to this, the child will sleep in its natural or healthiest position without the risk of developing posture defects.

A double-layer mattress for children even for two years of comfortable sleep

The great advantage of mattresses from our offer is their two-sided construction. Each of the two sides of the mattress is made of a different type of material. These materials differ in hardness and elasticity. This means that when you buy one mattress, you get two options tailored to your child's age.

It is recommended that children after the age of two sleep on the harder side of the mattress, and three-year-old children - on the softer side. Thanks to this, their spine obtains the optimal degree of support for its development stage. The choice of our mattress is, therefore, a long-term purchase because the child can use it for up to two years, changing only the harder side to the softer one.

A safe and hygienic mattress for a child

Children's mattresses are fully suitable for safe use by children. Their covers are made of durable fabrics and can be quickly removed from the mattress. Thanks to these features, they can be washed and ironed frequently, which allows you to get rid of most germs from them.

What's more, many materials used to make mattresses have anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties. Among other things, flax fibers and special covers of our covers work. In addition, they increase protection against mites, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

It is also worth adding that the foam structure of our mattresses promotes proper ventilation. Tubes hollowed out in it help to prevent overheating and sweating of the child during sleep. Due to these properties, the mattress is a hygienic and safe foundation for its comfortable sleep and development.

Check out our offer - choose the best mattresses for your child and his healthy development

Provide your child with a solid foundation for healthy growth and safe sleep. Choose a mattress that guarantees even support for your entire body. You will support the correct development of his spine and give him the highest comfort of rest. Check our offer and find a mattress for the child fully adapted to his needs.