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Wedge pillow Trinity

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Leg Elevator

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Braun's Splint

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Leg cushions are a great solution for anyone who values ​​comfort and health. Their innovative shape and the use of high-quality materials will guarantee you comfort and a better mood.

Leg pillows are a solution that many customers have appreciated. They will perfectly work if you suffer from various types of circulatory health problems: venous system diseases and thrombosis. Pillows of this type are designed not only for people struggling with poor health - but also completely healthy people will appreciate the relief that the façade base can bring. A sedentary lifestyle and many hours spent in front of the computer can make our legs feel heavy. This discomfort is easily eliminated by using a facade base. Thanks to it you will experience a noticeable relief of your legs, you will feel relief and you will have the chance to fully relax. Foot wedges are a solution that will make life easier for people suffering from leg cramps, swelling and the problem of cold feet. The use of such a footpad is also advisable after a long journey spent in a sitting position.

Each foot cushion is made of high-quality materials. The solutions have been designed to bring relief to users, hence the specific shape of the pillows. The shape was consulted with specialists in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The durable foam does not knead and does not lose its shape, so when you decide on wedges for your feet, you can be sure that they will serve you for a long time.

It is worth taking care of the way we relax. You will feel fresh and light with our pillows. Various models and sizes are available for sale, along with dedicated covers. All products have safety certificates and meet the standards required by the European Union. With our pillows, you will take care of your body, allow it to rest properly and prepare for daily duties.