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We have protectors for children's mattresses and adult mattresses.

You don't need to convince anyone about the importance of choosing a sleeping mattress. It depends on its characteristics whether sleep will be healthy, light and energizing. This is especially important for the spine, especially for children. However, this is not all. Almost as important as what mattress we have, it is whether and what mattress protectors we have.

Mattress protectors have more important functions than you might think. First of all, they constitute an additional layer that will personalize the mattress matched to us even more. In addition, the protector provides a protective field against dirt. The mattress is not as simple in everyday care as the protector, which can be simply machine washed, even at 60 ° C. Thanks to special attachments for elastics, protectors are easy to put on and take off at any time. They are easily dusted, denied and ventilated. If we have pets, who like to leave their hair on the bed, then the bumper is a great solution to the problem of fur or hair.

In our offer, you will find different models of protectors - from classic, in the form of overlays, to modern 2in1. All of them are very functional - they are waterproof, flexible and breathable. In addition, they have thermoregulatory properties, thanks to which they can cool us in summer and warm us in winter. A huge plus is that mattress protectors can replace sheets; so there is no need to use extra bedding. Protectors are also a protection for the mattress, due to their relatively low price and easy to remove and put on. Scratches, cuts or serious dirt - thanks to the pad, none of these things will be a problem.

Mattress protectors are a great idea, especially for the youngest children. They have certificates such as OEKO-TEX® Standard and a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child.

We have protectors for children's mattresses and adult mattresses.