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Pufa Midi

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Pufa Mini

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Children's room, toddler's bedroom or playroom - in each of these places it is worth providing a comfortable place to sit. Children's poufs are the perfect solution to deal with the proper arrangement of such spaces. Comfortable sponge poufs for children not only guarantee the comfort of use, but also originality of designs and colors. They can be adapted to the specific style of the room while gaining a safe and comfortable child seat.

Facing the choice of a pouf for a children's room, it is worth considering what functions it should perform. This is not a piece of furniture that is only an ornament - it can be used for sitting by children or even adults and as an additional element to play with. It can also act as a table during children's meetings. Therefore, children's poufs in addition to interesting aesthetics and colors should be durable and safe, and if necessary, provide additional functionality.

Children's poufs should ensure the highest quality of workmanship. After all, this is the equipment used by children of all ages, who often have a fairly creative approach to the subject of furniture. It is worth ensuring that the purchase is not a one-time purchase and that any damage does not pose a threat. Good quality upholstered textile material for easy cleaning, filling with safe materials, preferably non-allergenic. In this situation, sponge poufs for children seem to be the perfect solution, because they are not only durable but also safe - they do not have sharp or hard edges.

We offer poufs for children in various sizes and colors - there are several dozen different colors to choose from! Each pouf is wrapped in a soft cover that protects the pouf from damage. You can machine wash it many times. Sponge poufs for children can be adjusted to their age and height and choose the mini or midi version. Thanks to the soft pouf, both fun and rest of the child will be full-fledged and colorful.