Lumbar bolsters

Lumbar support

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The lumbar support supports the correct positioning of the spine while sitting. Useful for people who work most of the time in a sitting position, e.g. in the office or in the car. DIMENSIONS: length: 30 cm, width: 16 cm, height: 8 cm.
Domek Sensoryczny
Other rehabilitation accessories

Sensory House, Therapeutic IGLO

Therapeutic, Sensory IGLO house designed for exercises based on sensory integration. Durable - made of dense foam and strong eco leather, Velcro on the whole height of the walls. Easy to assemble and dismantle. Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 140 high cm. Window: 45 x 45 cm. Thickness of walls: 15 cm.

Exercise mattress

The mattress can be used for physical exercise and rehabilitation. It can be used in schools, gymnasiums, rehabilitation clinics and at home or in hospitals. The product is made of high quality foam and Eco Leather with waterproof properties. Dimensions: 195 x 90 x 5 cm. Possibility to make the mattress in a non-standard size.
Lumbar bolsters

Lumbar rollers

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The lumbar rollers are helpful in developing the correct posture when sitting. It alleviates muscle tension, pain and other spinal disorders. The product is made of high-quality materials and the fitted strap allows for easy installation on a chair or car seat. Dimensions: length: 30 cm, diameter: 10 cm.
Stabiliser for people after injuries, operations who cannot independently maintain a sitting position. Made of dense foam and an easy-to-clean, removable cover. Dimensions: height: 36 cm, width: 78 cm, length: 66 cm, arm width: 20 cm.


A versatile, soft and safe play piece. Entirely made of sponge. Dimensions: 122 cm x 57 cm x 40 cm.
Baby Furniture

Combo sofa

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Multifunctional soft eco sofa consisting of three colourful pieces. Dimensions: mod A. 122 cm x 57 cm x 40 cm, mod B. dia. 71 cm x 20 cm, mod C. dia. 34.5 cm x 20 cm. Combo sofa available in two colour sets.


In this category, we offer a range of items for rehabilitation. All products are helpful while shaping the correct posture and correcting defects related to the spine and muscle overload. Offered items are simple and effective tools that will help you relax your body and restore its proper functioning. Familiarize yourself with our offer and improve your well-being in a simple way!

Effective rehabilitation accessories for young mothers and children

During pregnancy, our body is exposed to many unpleasant ailments related to weight and discomfort. It is worth, then, to easily affect these ailments and reduce pain. In our offer, you can find several effective and simple items that, when used regularly, help to eliminate many ailments. These include:

Lumbar rollers that correct body position when sitting when used regularly. The products are simple and easy to use. Just place the roller in the desired area what will help in the reduction of muscle pain and tension. Rollers are excellent in many circumstances that cause posture defects in children and adults. They can be used at home, at work, school and while traveling by car.

Lumbar half-rollers that protect the body against spinal defects and eliminate many types of pain resulting from incorrect sitting. Rollers minimize the overloading of muscles, spine disks, and skull joints. They are especially recommended for permanent back pain and other muscular-tension disorders.

Mattresses for exercise in saturated colors that will encourage your child to physical activity and make every moment during fikołki, bikes, and other exercises will be more pleasant. Mattresses are helpful during rehabilitation, games and simple exercises that can be done at home and at school.

Sensory swings, widely used in exercise therapy. These practical items can be successfully used at home and other places intended for children's rehabilitation. The products enable a wide range of exercises that will improve children's sensory performance as well as their overall fitness and correct posture. While on the swing, the child develops his senses and is calmed by gentle swinging.

Sensory houses made of soft and friendly materials that are safe and cause joy, comfort, and confidence. The products are made of soft foam and covered with eco-friendly leather. The houses can be easily installed and moved to another place.

Why choose rehabilitation accessories from our store?

All our accessories are made of high-strength materials and are designed based on the needs of people with posture defects, back pain and other difficulties in movement and well-being. With regular use - these simple accessories will bring pain relief and increase mobility, sensory and overall physical condition of children and adults.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store!

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