Bath seats

Bath seats

Baby bath seat

The seat is designed for older babies who sit independently in the bath.

Baby bath seats for children have many advantages. First of all, they guarantee rest for the spine and hands of the guardian and allow more fun from bathing for a baby. Well-chosen bathing seats are a great choice for older babies who are able to sit on their own.

Bath seats in the shape of animals are an ideal choice. This is an offer dedicated especially to the youngest users. The appearance of such a seat catches the child's attention and additionally encourages them to routine, everyday activities such as bathing. Thanks to the specially profiled shape, it prevents the baby from sliding and sliding. Bath seats are primarily safety. During the bathroom madness, the child will feel stable and comfortable, and the parent, in turn, will spare himself the effort to support his child.

Our seats are made of durable and good-quality sponge that is resistant to damage. Thanks to its durability, it will serve long time and will not be susceptible to possible pulling by a child. It is ideal for bathing in a large tub, but not only; it can also be used in a small, baby bathtub. Each kit comes with a toy in the form of a sponge in the shape of an animal. Thanks to this, bathing will be fun for a toddler.

When choosing a seat, first of all, pay attention to the age of the child who will be using it. Specialists recommend using this type of product from the very beginning. If you decide on the first bath in a large bathtub, among the available models will certainly be able to find the most convenient option. It is also worth buying additional bath toys to make the time spent in the bathtub even more pleasant and make him love bathing from an early age.

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