Bath sponges

Bath sponges

Sponge colour pets

Sponge Animals designed for the daily care of your child during bath time.
Bath sponges

Sponge - Terry wash

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Terry cloth washer for daily baby care during bathing.
Bath sponges

Bath soft sponge

Soft bath sponge, designed for daily care during bathing.
Bath sponges

Massage sponge

Massage sponge designed for daily skincare treatments.

Bath sponges

Soft and friendly sponges are something that must be found in every bathroom of a small baby. Such accessories make every bath more pleasant and make it an interesting, joyful and very comfortable experience. Colorful and delicate sponge washers perfectly clean the body of our baby and give him a lot of joy and smile. Ducklings, teddy bears, and other bathing girls are waiting to wrap your baby with a delicate and fragrant foam during every evening bath. After such a pleasant evening - your baby will sleep well for hours!

Massage sponges for children and more

Our offer includes sponges in fancy colors and shapes, which in addition to excellent body washing properties - additionally massage them. It is very important to provide your baby with pleasant sensations when using delicate materials. In this way, we make every bath more pleasant and make it a more joyful experience.

In addition to the washing function, the sponges efficiently get rid of excess epidermis and thoroughly cleanse the body. The massage sponge with the addition of your favorite bathing liquid will create a cleansing foam that will cleanse the skin and give it softness, preparing for further care treatments such as the use of oil, cream or moisturizing lotion.

On our site, there are bath sponges with different structures such as rough, soft and medium products. The products have varied colors and are also intended for small children, children's variants are colorful, soft and very cozy. The highest quality materials were used in the production of such sponges to ensure that toddlers have a pleasant time during each wash.

Soft bath sponges for the youngest

Sponges can take many forms, shapes, and colors. Mass-produced colorful bath accessories will prove themselves during every wash of our toddler, who using such fun, cozy and interesting products will be much more likely to have a daily bath. Children are much more willingly washing themselves with a colorful sponge in fun and fancy shapes. Additional joy is provided by an object resembling an animal shape or a fairy tale character. Thanks to such gadgets, even routine activities will become a real pleasure.

We offer shapes such as bunnies, flowers, butterflies, Christmas trees, snails, hippies as well as swans and bears. All designs are available in rainbow and soft colors as well as cozy structures.

Bath sponges do not irritate the baby's skin and in an ideal way, gently cleanse it, do not cause unpleasant sensations. Soft and comfortable sponges for babies and larger children is something that can not be missing in every bathroom. The products will facilitate the routine bathing of each toddler and make this activity easier and more pleasant for the toddler and his parents or guardians.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of our sponges, washes and other bath accessories for toddlers, which can also be used by adults!

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