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During the child's sleep, the most important is his comfort and convenience. It is therefore important that the mattress is well chosen. Our offer includes mattresses perfectly suited to the needs of small and slightly larger children. All products are designed and manufactured using high-strength materials that are health-friendly and very comfortable to use.

You can find information on how to choose a mattress for your child in our blog entry "How to choose a mattress for a child"?

Comfortable mattresses for children in many sizes

We offer many mattress models that will help your child fall asleep and allow for comfortable sleep and rest during the day. It is very important that the child from the first moments of life sleep and rest on an ergonomic mattress that will ensure correct posture and balanced development of the spine.

Mattresses offered in our store are made of tested and comfortable foams and natural raw materials. They guarantee comfortable sleep and comfort, which is very important during rest. Mattresses have adequate hardness, elasticity and gently bend under the weight of the toddler - but they should not collapse.

What mattresses for children do we offer?

Coconut mattresses are an ideal option if we want to choose natural and health-friendly material. Such raw materials prevent the development of fungi and mold and support the natural flow of air between the layers of the mattress. This is an excellent option for lovers of natural raw materials and people susceptible to various types of allergies. Coconut mattresses are a modern solution that is based on ecological materials. Such products are often combined with polyurethane foam, which gives them greater strength and comfortable hardness.

Foam mattresses were created so that they could meet the needs of allergy sufferers. They are covered with soft terry material and allow comfortable and restful sleep. The softness of the sheathing and comfortable foam is something that makes the products one of the most frequently chosen elements for a peaceful and comfortable sleep of the child.

Mattresses for prams that will allow a comfortable and comfortable rest for your child even while walking or shopping. Such accessories are especially important if we like long walks with an infant or want to give the child a pleasant and healthy moment of rest in a pram in the garden or on the terrace.

In addition, we invite you to read the articles on our blog - "Mattress for a gondola stroller - an additional gadget or functional accessory?"

Antiallergic mattresses that are friendly to people with various allergies and other ailments. Mattresses perfectly refresh the body and ensure good air circulation. Such products contain flax and hemp fibers, ensuring a soothing effect and a feeling of freshness for a long time.

Mattress protectors are waterproof and provide protection for the cot or pram against moisture and dirt. Protectors have a nice and soft surface that can successfully replace the sheet. The products have been equipped with practical, non-latex rubber bands that keep the protector in one place.

Why choose our mattresses for a child?

When choosing a mattress for a child, make sure that the material does not collect bacteria and is very comfortable. The articles we offer to meet these requirements and guarantee a safe and very comfortable sleep for every child. Products are specially designed products that have been created based on many years of observation of the needs of young children and their parents.

Enjoy your shopping!