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Baby bath pads

In this category, we offer a wide range of bathtub inserts that will ensure a pleasant and comfortable bath on a soft surface. Insoles are an ideal idea when we want our little one to happily indulge in the pleasure of swimming and be joyful during it. Insoles are an ideal item for both babies and slightly older babies. They work well among young parents and more experienced carers. Our products are colorful and fairytale mattresses for the baby bath that will change your child's bath into a real pleasure!

What is the use of baby bathtub inserts?

During the first baths, when young parents are not very experienced and are worried about their baby, it is worth using these products that will make baby's bath safe, pleasant and comfortable. A small child tolerates the first home baths much better with a specially profiled insole that cushions, wraps and fills the bathtub safely. Thanks to this product, the beginning of washing your baby will be easier for him and his caregivers.

When the insert is placed in the tub, the child is safely wrapped in a soft foam structure. This results in comfort, cushioning and keeping in one position. It does not require constant support by hand or flooding the smiley face. Child care is much easier and more pleasant for both parties in such conditions. The child lies securely in the bathtub and feels safer.

An additional advantage of the tub's inserts is their interesting structure, which softly envelops the baby's body - providing him with additional stimuli and making his stay in the bathtub with warm and nice water pleasant.

What are the bath liners for the youngest made of?

The products are made of a soft and pleasant to the touch sponge with a specially designed profile. The material used is very cozy and colorful - which further stimulates the toddler to joy and peace and a sense of security. Specially selected profiles are properly made to allow the use of inserts for children in different weight categories. An important advantage of sponges is also interesting patterns such as bears, dogs, mice, and dolls. In addition, the sets include colorful and soft baby bath cleaners.

How do you use baby bath liners?

The insert can be inserted directly into a small bathtub or a large bathroom tub. You can also use it in the shower or in the paddling pool. The products are universal and soft. Thanks to their lightness, you can take them on vacation or any other trip.

The range includes inserts in various sizes, making them easy to fit for a child of varying weight. This makes mattresses ideal for every baby and can be freely given as a gift to young parents who do not know what they need at the beginning of their adventure with parenting.

Colorful and comfortable bath liners are an indispensable element of every baby's layette. They will facilitate bathing and make it less stressful for both sides. Enjoy your shopping!