Poduszka piankowa ortopedyczna Maryna
BADUM-MED CLASSIC Maryna pillow size XL
BADUM-MED CLASSIC Maryna pillow size XL
BADUM-MED CLASSIC Maryna pillow size XL
Poduszka piankowa ortopedyczna Maryna
BADUM-MED CLASSIC Maryna pillow size XL
BADUM-MED CLASSIC Maryna pillow size XL
BADUM-MED CLASSIC Maryna pillow size XL

BADUM-MED CLASSIC Maryna pillow size XL

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The ultimate classic pillow. Preferred sleeping position: on the side and on the back.

  • Suitable for those who prefer a classic pillow shape with higher head support.
  • Ventilated with vertical channels.
  • Vita Rest® foam with Ultra Fresh®.

Size: 66x41x14 cm

Catalogue name: BADUM-MED CLASSIC pillow

Model: MARYNA (PB5/X)

Medical product | Made in Poland

This is a medical product. Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label.



Pillow made of innovative, viscoelastic polyurethane foam Vita Rest® with the antibacterial additive Ultra Fresh®.

Suitable for those who prefer the classic pillow shape with higher head support.

The Vita Rest® foam provides exceptional comfort and convenience - it is odourless, based on temperature effect and slow, spontaneous recovery of its original shape.

It provides a feeling of even support for the head and the cervical spine, thus helping to regenerate body functions faster.

Ventilated with vertical channels, it allows air to flow freely and increases the pillow's resilience, reducing perspiration.

The Ultra Fresh® additive prevents the proliferation of unwanted micro-organisms. It also ensures that the foam retains its aesthetic appearance for a long time and remains hygienic and odour-free.

Properly selected and used, Vita Rest® polyurethane foam retains its basic properties for up to 7 years.


  • Removable, equipped with a zipper.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Can be washed repeatedly at 60°C without fear of excessive shrinkage.

Made from high quality knitted fabrics certified to "Oeko-Tex® Standard 100". Choice of:

  • polyester/cotton knitted fabric finished with Aloe Vera was created by combining a high-quality, pleasant-to-touch cotton mattress knit and Aloe Vera extract (in the form of an apprettee). Aloe Vera is a special type of lily that has been known for centuries and has soothing properties. It is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties and a wonderful means of regulating and maintaining the correct pH of the skin;
  • a knitted polyester/cotton fabric finished with SaniMed with a top layer, pleasant to the touch cotton. It is durable and does not lose its properties even after repeated washing at 40°C.
        Polyester/cotton knitted fabric in a fashionable grey or dark blue check pattern.

We recommend using cotton pillowcases available in our shop.


The pillow is intended for use in the prevention and supportive treatment of the following conditions:

  • degenerative and discopathic changes of the cervical spine,
  • instability of the cervical spine section,
  • post-traumatic conditions of the neck,
  • pain syndromes of the cervical spine,
  • other neck conditions as medically indicated.


In the event of any serious incident related to the use of the device, this information should be reported to the manufacturer in writing to: BADUM Tomasz Łabno, Brzozówka ul. Spacerowa 60, 33-140 Lisia Góra, Poland or at telephone number: +48 693 820 850, or by e-mail to: biuro@badum.pl and to the competent national authority.

Pillow line
Medical cushion
Medical Device
Mata 2
BADUM-MED Classic Maryna
VitaRest® visco-elastic foam
Materac przyjazny alergikom
Washing temperature
41 cm
66 cm
14 cm
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