Materac KOMFORT+ Optima
Mattress COMFORT + Optima
Materac KOMFORT+ Optima
Mattress COMFORT + Optima

Mattress COMFORT + Optima

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Comfort foam mattress with flax and hemp mattress cover

First plant fibre mattresses not containing one of the most common allergens - latex

The mattress has a CONFIRMING OPINION of the MOTHER AND CHILDREN'S INSTITUTE and PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) certificate.





  • A mattress from the Komfort+ line with a flax and hemp mattress.
  • What distinguishes it from the Comfort Optima mattress is its thickness - 10 cm and a cover quilted on both sides made of high quality knitted fabric.
  • A perfect combination of modernity with nature and the best properties of flax and hemp. The health-promoting properties of flax and the air-conditioning
    hemp have a soothing effect and provide the feeling of freshness that is so important for a baby's sleep.
  • The certified polyurethane foam with a density of 22 kg / m³ reduces pressure, ensuring optimal development conditions for the child. Appropriately sized, perforated, with a dense system of channels, it ensures continuous airflow.
  • The mattress can be used for two-sided use - the flax/hemp mattress side up to the age of 1 year, while the foam side is suitable for use above the age of 1 year.
  • The mattress insert is fitted with an inner cover made of non-woven polypropylene (PP).
  • Removable, cotton quilted ALOE VERA knitted cover.
  • Available in sizes 120 x 60 cm and 140 x 70 cm, mattress thickness 10 cm.
  • The firmness of the mattress appropriately matched to the baby's body. Consulted by the Institute of Mother and Child and confirmed by its positive opinion.
  • It is also possible to make the mattress to size (after prior email or telephone contact).


  • made of soft, quilted Aloe Vera knitted fabric in green with a top finish of pleasant-to-touch cotton,
  •  the Aloe Vera knitted fabric is made from a combination of high-quality, pleasant-to-touch cotton mattress fabric and Aloe Vera extract (in the form of an apprettee).
    Aloe Vera is a special type of lily that has been known for centuries and has soothing properties. It is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties and a great regulator and supporter of the correct pH of the skin.
  • fluffy quilting through the additional use of a non-woven layer,
  • can be washed repeatedly at 60°C without fear of excessive shrinkage,
  • equipped with a zip on three sides, which makes it much easier to remove,
  • the knitted fabric has the "OIeko-Tex® Standard 100" certificate.


Under normal conditions of use, the mattress is intended for use in:

  • prevention and prevention of posture defects,
  • prevention of spinal overload related to the forced position of the body during sleep in children,
  • musculoskeletal dysfunctions in diseases of the neuromuscular system in children (e.g. cerebral palsy, infantile palsy, birth injury of the brachial plexus),
  • supportive against sleep disorders.

The mattress can also be used in the early prevention of children with a low risk of developing pressure sores.

Mattress line
Komfort +
PU 22kg/m³
linen+hemp blend
Mattress height
10 cm
Pokrowiec Dwuczęściowy
Medical Device
Materac przyjazny alergikom
Twardość materacy
Washing temperature
Hardened sides
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