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Orthopedic pillows for sleeping at BadumShop.com are certified medical devices. They reduce back and neck muscle tension, bringing relief to painful back problems. Check our offer and find an orthopedic pillow that will help you take care of your comfort and health of your spine.

These benefits result from the shape of the cushions and the appropriate degree of hardness that polyurethane foams provide. Thanks to them, the memory orthopedic pillow keeps the head and neck in a natural, healthy for the spine position.

Products in our store are available in a wide range of models and sizes. This allows everyone to choose the perfect pillow that will effectively relieve the shoulder girdle of any width. You can increase the positive impact of the pillow on your comfort and health by choosing a model created for your favorite sleeping position. All this means that orthopedic pillows from our offer ensure better well-being after waking up, greater ease of falling asleep and increased sleep quality.

How do orthopedic sleeping pillows work?

Rehabilitation pillows have primarily corrective and health-promoting effects. Their characteristic shapes and elastic materials allow the sleeper to take the healthiest position to sleep. Therefore, they correct the position of the cervical spine, helping to maintain its natural curvature, i.e. cervical lordosis. In this way, they relieve the spine after the all-day effort and help eliminate painful stiffness in the neck, shoulders or back muscles.

Orthopedic pillows also support the treatment of some diseases of the spine. They help reduce discomfort resulting, among others, from degenerative changes and post-traumatic conditions of the cervical segment.

We also offer orthopedic pillows and multi-purpose pillows for pregnant women. They come in the form of a roller supporting the head, stomach, and legs, effectively relieving the lumbar region.

How and what are orthopedic pillows made of?

Our orthopedic pillows are made only of the highest quality materials and their construction is adapted to the correct position of the spine. Materials used in their production are polyurethane memory foam or Vita Rest®. In addition, cotton covers are enriched with aloe vera extract and a pleasant touch finish.

Memory orthopedic pillows vary in shape, which allows people who like to sleep in different positions to choose the perfect model. Their various bulges help the sleeper to take on a comfortable, ergonomic and healthy body position.

What other benefits does an orthopedic sleeping pillow have?

In addition to corrective properties, the rehabilitation pillow also has a number of other advantages. First, special channels in its elastic structure facilitate ventilation of the pillow and prevent overheating of the body. In addition, dense polyurethane foam and the cover's biocidal finish hinder the growth of bacteria and microbes inside the pillow. As a result, it is more hygienic, safe for allergy sufferers and is suitable for many years of use.

Feel the comfort and relief provided by an orthopedic sleeping pillow from the best store

A well-chosen rehabilitation pillow guarantees comfort and protection for your spine. By choosing the right pillow model, you take care of your health, quality of your sleep and everyday well-being. Find a pillow that suits your favorite sleeping position. Give yourself a healthier spine for longer and maximum comfort.

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